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Awakened Relationship Coaching Course

Science of Projection Level 1 Training - Hybrid

  • Introduction to Advanced Awakened Relationship Coaching (Responsibilities and Ethics)
  • Learning how to connect the systems of Parts Work, Attachment Theory, Polyvagal/Nervous System, Masculine/Feminine, Kundalini, Awareness/Energy, Human Energy Field, Spiritual Awakening, and Consciousness into one coherent language and why it’s important 
  • How to understand and map “Parts Based Projection” Relationship Dynamics
  • How “Parts” control the Human Energy Field Kundalini System (7 Distortions of Energy)
  • How “Parts” generate and reinforce the Attachment Styles of Anxious, Avoidant, and Disorganized
  • How to build meta-discernment to know when your partner is in a Part, In their truth, or a percentage of both
  • How Spiritual Practice or Self-Transformational work can either support or work against your Relationship
  • How “Parts” split into different levels of the field creating distance between you and your partner 
  • Understanding the Light and Dark Side of “Parts” work in Awakened Relationship training
  • 3D to 4D Awakened Relationship by joining your separate energetic systems into one

Conscious Energetics Level 2 Training - In-Person

  • How secure attachment in a relationship is the foundation for Spiritual Awakening and the Kundalini System opening without trauma
  • Neural Energetic Attachment Repair (How to connect “Parts” to levels of the field through your partner) 
  • How to create Energy Richness in any relationship by learning 7 levels of Energetic Attunement  
  • How to Consciously govern your energy field to diffuse Nervous System Activation
  • How to use Tantric Alchemy to transmute Nervous System charge into Ecstasy (Moving high levels of power through each other without resistance)
  • How to powerfully attune to your partner’s level of receptivity 
  • How to use the Hologram System to find and open hidden energy blocks to create powerful connection 
  • How to stabilize Energy Richness through A, B, and C levels of relating
  • How Energetic Field Hygiene plays a role in keeping Relationships stabilized and energy rich
  • How to access the Light and Dark Masculine and Feminine on every level of the field 
  • How to learn Awakened Energetic Touch (bringing levels of the field through physical touch)

Luminous Tantra Level 3 Training - In-Person

(The Esoteric teachings of the Blade and Chalice)

  • Education on Sexual Energy and its relationship to Spiritual Awakening (Responsibilities and Ethics in training others in Tantric Sexual Practice)
  • Building Solo and Relationship Sexual Energy (Orgasmic Meditation Practice)
  • Expressing Sexual Desire, Resistance to Light and Dark Sexual Language and its Impact on Awakened Attunement, Witness Sexual Desire Practice
  • How to stay Centered and Attuned with high levels of Sexual Charge
  • 7 levels of Masculine Penetration/Feminine Opening
  • Drawing Orgasm through the Body and all Levels of the Field (Kundalini Opening Practice)
  • Feminine Sex Practice (Radiating Light/Dark Energy to open/heal your Man)
  • Masculine Sex Practice (Penetrating Light/Dark Awareness to open/heal your Woman)
  • Sex Magic Practice (Harnessing Orgasm to open blocks in the Hologram)
  • High-Level Dom/Sub (Scene Work) Combining Parts Work with Sex Practice
  • Harnessing Sex for Ego Annihilation (Death and Resurrection)
  • Shiva Shakti Deity Practice (Masculine and Feminine Worship)

Integration /Harnessing Relationship for Combined Awakened Purpose - In-Person

  • Individual Coaching time for the Integration of the Program
  • Creating your Purpose together 
  • Co-regulation in the creation process (how to stay energy rich while creating together)
  • How to stay connected while Teaching/Coaching (How the skill of attunement to your partner translates into your attunement capacities to a Group Field)
  • My personal support to create your first Group/Workshop content creation

This is a preliminary offer to a select few couples ready to do an enormous deep dive into powerful Awakened Relationship work. This is a year-long training program to become an Awakened Relationship Coach condensed into 13 days. I’m capping this rendition of the program to only 4 couples. 

I’m allowing only couples to take this training because you must learn to master your own relationship before helping others do the same. It will be held at a huge, beautiful home in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. 

The price is $10k per couple. This is nearly half the cost of my hourly rate for coaching. Each couple will experience high-level training with my direct attention on your specific needs, attunement to your relationship, and the skills to coach other couples. This is an invaluable lifelong gift I’m giving to you, your partner, and all the couples you coach.

You can email me your response or any questions about the training. I’m excited about this offer, and I hope it ignites you to come and train with me in this powerful container of ecstatic union.

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